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Status Update/ Poupee SALE!

October 7th, 2009 (02:02 pm)

current location: TCC library
current mood: chipper
current song: "Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)" by Florence + the Machine

Remember my "Romance Novel" essay? How proud of it I was, and then how do updates followed it? Well. It failed. Being me, I forgot that we weren't to write anything on the topics of: Cooking, Cars, or WRITING. Yeah. Major hiccup.

Anyway, I was able to rewrite the essay (of course, on a new topic) and there was alot of agony and angst in that. Luckily, I got the A after about a week of intense dread. Yay. But then, it was a damn good essay.

So on to more pleasant things: I have decided that instead of a Regency costume, I'd like to make myself an outfit similar to Florence Welch's outfit in "Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)" by Florence + the Machine. Her dress is heavily inspired by the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites...who are no doubt my most favorite painters of all time other than certain Dutch Masters and Alphonse Mucha. But yeah, so Florence is basically awesome, and I aspire to one day be as awesome as she is.

Also: I am cleaning out my closet on Poupee Girl. If any of you play, come this way for some great deals. I just want to get rid of this crap, okay?!?! Selling Page of MyHome. (Friend me if you like!)