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missmuffincake [userpic]

Stress Relief

January 13th, 2009 (10:27 am)
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I found this really cute dress-up doll while browsing around EGL.
You should play with it, great stress relief. Lolita Time!

You can drag pretty much everything in the room onto her to decorate her hair or dress, so click everything. If you click her hair, eyes, skin (?), top, skirt, neckline, sleeves, socks, and shoes, they change colors and styles. Most of the items (bows, etc) on the wall also have other colors beneath them. So click everything and everywhere!!!

I want to see screenshots of your girls after you finish!

PS: I had a great time in Mythology today. I feel so intelligent. Oh, and my most favorite person from Spanish was there...and we have Spanish together afterward. How coincidental! <3

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Good Morning

January 13th, 2009 (08:39 am)
pissed off

current location: TCC library
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So...the power went out last night.
My mom came into my room at 7:45 am to wake me up. At first I was annoyed, then grateful when I saw the flashing numbers on my alarm clock, then burst into tears when I saw I had less that five minutes to get dressed and on the bus. She started yelling at me after that, telling me to beg the neighbors for a ride and to give them gas money. I refused. I decided to just screw my morning class (even though its the only class I actually have any interest in attending this semester: Mythology) and get up at 8:30 to catch the next bus. But then my mom decided to give me some hope and she told me that if I got dressed in the next five minutes, she would take me. So, stark naked save for my underwear, I sprang out of bed and started getting ready like my ass was on fire.
And...my mom stood in the hallway, glaring at me through my open doorway. Distraught and slightly disoriented from lack of sleep and an abrupt awakening, I asked her to stop watching me. She didn't move, so I ran over to slam my room door shut. Not a moment later, my mom was pushing it open. My god, I told her to get away. And I pushed the door closed again. On her foot. Which was in the doorcrack. And I said "This would be alot faster if you let go of my door and let me get dressed in peace," to which she replied: "I'm not touching your door." The hell you are, Miss Holding-the-door-open-with-my-foot! And then, a second later...she moved her foot and I got the door shut. Only to hear her on the other side, telling me that I was SOL and that she was leaving. Pissy little bitch...my god, I don't understand you. Of course my stupid little underdeveloped sister gets a ride to her FREE PUBLIC SCHOOL, but the person whose school you are PAYING FOR does not? There is no logic there. When I was my sister's age, I got myself to and from school, and I went home to the empty house afterwards. My sister is still woken up by my mother and walked to the bus stop. She goes to an after-school care program. But, I digress.
So I get dressed, brush my teeth and hair, then get back in bed. I set the alarm for 8:30, putting my original plan in effect. Then...I get a phone call on my cell. All I can say is that its a good thing my phone was not on silent for once. *suddenly remembers that it isn't on silent and makes it so* My mother had called. She said she was coming and to be ready.
Maybe I shouldn't have let her drive me...because she bitched about how I was wasting her time and making her late to work and now owed her $20 for gas and all the time at work she missed. Bitch, please. NO.

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Class Schedule

January 5th, 2009 (01:18 am)

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I have one week left of Winter Break, and then its back to class. For all of you curious, here is my schedule:

  • Mon: Algebra (11-1150), Public Speaking (1-215)
  • Tues: Mythology (930-1045), Spanish (11-1215)
  • Wed: Algebra (11-1150), Public Speaking (1-215)
  • Thurs: Mythology (930-1045), Spanish (11-1215)
  • Fri: Algebra (11-1150)

I'm only worried about Algebra and Public Speaking. I really do cry if I have to stand up in front of people...it kills me dead. Oh just thinking about it now... *shudder*

On a brighter note, I found some Lolita shoes that fit me! I want #0019, in the largest size available: 46. It sounds awful to have size 46 feet...its almost as bad as public speaking! Now to decide if I want pink, white, or black...and to save up the $114 it's gonna cost me to get them home. Guess I am putting off doll-spending again, eh? Oh, and perhaps Bodyline will restock their shoes in my size. I can afford about three pairs of those babies for the price of the other ones! Then I wouldn't have to choose the color, either! That would be super sweet...but a girl can only hope!

PS: I got Pokemon Diamond...its so funnn. I can't stop playing it!

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Smile and Nod

December 31st, 2008 (09:57 pm)
pissed off

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current song: "Shanty for the Arethusa", by the Decemberists

take the WHAT BAD BOOK ARE YOU test.

and go to mewing.net. not as good as reading a good book, but way better than a bad one.

So, apparently The Hobbit was a bad book? I really liked it when I was in middle school. It launched me into RPing and serious fiction-writing and reading fantasy novels. The Hobbit was really a turning point in my life. Huh. Yes, elves were very important to me for the next year and a half. Until I became obsessed with Inu Yasha and crossed over to half-demons. Oh...and don't forget the Anne Rice marathon, co-starring Laurell K Hamilton. Nothing wrong with those two (until I move on even further). I'm just illustrating the direction my life has taken thus far. I feel incomplete without an obsession. Right now I have two. IT FEELS FREAKIN' GREAT.

But uh, yeah, how very off-topic of me. I guess I can be pretty boring. I mean, seriously, are you even reading this livejournal thing of mine? See also: Humorless. And oh, god, yes I am annoying, thanks? I'm sorry I talk about what you don't care about. I talk about what I care about, and if you cared about me you could listen and kinda smile and nod or something. Yes. Smile. And Nod. That trick can get you through more hoops than a running jump. Wow. Now I feel clever.

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JSK Update

December 11th, 2008 (09:02 am)
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current location: TCC library! (just finished my math exam)
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Finally got the courage to cut into that lovely EXPENSIVE fabric of mine. In fact, I got all the bodice bits cut out. But...they are too short. They come to like, two inches above my natural waist rather than my natural waist. It's terrible. (Other than that, they fit perfectly. So I guess I am going to have to put in a waistband? I'm gonna go ahead and have it be horizontally striped. I think that might look nice with all the verticals on this dress. I also bought some scalloped-looking creme lace to go along the top part of the bodice and along the hem of the skirt. I'm experimenting with placement and facing...crooked lace means seam-ripping sadness! (Yeah, its crooked. Good thing I have all day to work on this thing.)

Oh, and I took my math exam today. With any luck, I will get a low B. If not, I'm pretty sure I can get a high or midrange C! Yay!
I went into the library directly after finishing the exam and I saw this guy from my class...my math class. And he was like "Isn't the exam at 10?" so I was able to correct him and let him get to his exam on time! I hope he's able to do all right. I am under the impression that he's a pretty smart person. So I'm sure he'll do well. I HOPE I DO WELL!

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Introducing Simon!

December 6th, 2008 (02:03 am)

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Well, I've had Simon for awhile now, but only now do I have a camera to show off his cuteness.
I took a photoshoot tonight...and it was alot more difficult than I thought it would be! But I got some great shots and I managed to post a bit of a silent photostory to Den of Angels.
This picture was of course the highlight of the whole shoot:


Follow to the whole shoot on Den of Angels. Not a member? BE ONE.

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So I have an LJ...

November 19th, 2008 (11:53 pm)

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I finally got an LJ...now to decide what to do with it.
Hopefully I will get a camera soonishly, so I can use this space as yet another place to spam dollie photos. (Can you say obsessed? *le sigh*) I'll also have photos of my sewing projects and possibly drawings of things I plan to make in the future. I plan to try and keep track of my daily happenings (as if anyone online would want to read about my boring existance? *emo*).

Whatever works, you know?

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